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N Les chiens de synchronisation dents de la courroie

Title : N Les chiens de synchronisation dents de la courroie

Price : Free

Parametric timing belt tooth profile-based SCAD scripts for generating belt cogs and dogs to be incorporated in your motion control designs.

Dogs are like clamps - they keep the belt in one place relative to the part they are placed on. I use them on my x carriage - no fasteners required!

The cog module makes a cog primative - add features as you like!

Presently limited to only T5 and T2.5 as those are the only belts I have to test with. Please add to the profile library!


Timing belt cogs 'n dogs


accessories for dogs,collecting dogs feces,


Timing pulley, MXL, 22 Tooth, 5mm bore

Non vendu

Omni-Toothbrush Holder


Toothbrush holder for electric toothbrush


Couvercle brosses a dents


Really simple Toothbrush holder




30 teeth MXL plotter pulley up to 10mm belt for reprap


Bench Dogs