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Chiens Talian de Ward

Title : Chiens Talian de Ward

Price : Free

As an extension of Tals's defensive strategies I present to you, the Ward Hound. Pairs of these devices are fielded in advance of the legions to ensure their safe passage through especially dangerous zones. The ward Hounds have no offensive capabilities, but when stationary can project a an energy field between them that can withstand all but the heaviest fire.

Bs: 0, Ws: 0, A: 0, S: 2, T:4, I:4, Ld: 11, W: 2, Sv: 3, Isv: 5, points: 50ea

When two Ward Hounds are within 15 cm of each other and have not moved in the movement phase or shooting phase a barrier wall is considered to be placed between them.
The wall is 5 cm high and cannot be shot, or moved through.
Units on either side of the wall can see each other and artillery may fire as normal.
An AP "1" or "0" weapon can fire through the wall as normal.
Blast damage is stopped by the wall.
If either hound moves or is destroyed the wall dissipates.


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