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Borne guillotine de l'insomnie

Title : Borne guillotine de l'insomnie

Price : Free

The title says it all. :-)

I keep seeing trebuchets and such posted, so I figured what the hey... I think that I might eek out a ballista one of these days (the next time insomnia takes over). I certainly do not pretend to be anywhere as good as the rest of you designers, so don't be too annoyed if this isn't 100 percent original in concept and CERTAINLY lacking in artistic flair. :-)

The only somewhat necessary things that it does not have are 4 rubber bands to cross on either side to provide the additional umph to actually do something minorly useful. I'd suggest abusing Asparagus. They seem deserving of such a fate.

I have built this thing now. The files have been updated. The slicer and the stocks fit a bit too tight to function without filing and sanding. I did not change the dimensions related to this because there needs to be a tight fit in order to allow the slicer to not bind. If you have a better printer than I have related to precision of print, you may have no problem at all. Also, modified the rubberband pegs to have a conical shape to allow them to print more easily than the original design. The sketchup file now has both the conical pieces and the original capped cylinder version should anyone want both.

Oh... the slicer does have an angled edge designed in so, it might actually work if the edge is filed thinner than the minimum 0.3mm print width of my printer.

Enjoy and happy Halloween vegetable decapitation.


Guillotine borne of insomnia






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