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Chiens de banc

Title : Chiens de banc

Price : Free

I needed some "bench dogs" for my work bench, and I decided to see if I can print some that will hold up to the pressure of my woodworking. I also made it with 1 degree angle on the face to exert some downward pressure (in theory).

I made a couple prints of long one, and tested them on my bench. So far so good. The 20% infill felt a little light but held up, and the 80% infill was solid as a rock. I added slot and holes to maybe add some spring clips to hold it in place. However the print warped a little bit and it fits snugly in the holes.

These are meant for 3/4" dog holes on a woodworking workbench. You can buy metal ones, but I would rather use plastic or wood ones in case I hit it with my hand planes.

I made a short version that is printing now, and of course I put my name on them... because why not.

Original inspiration was from seeing this thing: thingiverse.com/thing:320593 it made me think of doing my own. Modeled from scratch in tinkercad.


Bench Dogs


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