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iPhone 4 - modèle de GSM

TITRE : iPhone 4 - modèle de GSM

PRIX : Gratuit

This is a fairly detailed model of an iPhone 4 GSM according to case design specification from apple.com

I'm new to openscad, so surely a few hundred things could be done better, and I'm willing to learn so I welcome any feedback.

This utilizes the roundedRect function (with modifications) - thingiverse.com/thing:9347 - by WilliamAAdams.

The model inserted into an openscad iphone dock - thingiverse.com/thing:10270 - by jag is shown in one of the images. This shows how you use the model to see if you block any of the phone's features with your design.

Planned improvements:
- setting the color as parameter - to be fixed. Current color RGB[.4,.4,.4] - the 3 screen shots were done before the color was set, so they are the default yellow - DONE
- Getting suggestions and acting on them... :)

The iPhone is copyright of Apple inc. and this design should not be reproduced for any other purpose than allowed by law on copyright and design rights.

Please see: developer.apple.com/resources/cases/ which is the source of the drawing used.

Someone already did this long before me - please look at thingiverse.com/thing:3392 by whosawhatsis (Thanks for the message).


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