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Fisherman Memorial - partiel

TITRE : Fisherman Memorial - partiel

PRIX : Gratuit

We were in Cape May, NJ on vacation driving around looking for things to scan with 123D Catch (my new favorite passtime - DIY souvenirs) and accidentally stumbled on this haunting 12 foot tall memorial looking out towards the harbor dedicated to local fisherman lost at sea.

Unfortunately, it was dark outside, stormy, and started to rain so I wasn't able to get very good pictures. I did manage to pursuade 123D catch to stich together two subsets of the pictures I took, but not all them all at once. So I ended up with 2 partial scans.

It was the last day I was there, so I wasn't able to go back once the storm passed. This should be a perfect statue to scan because it is right in the middle of a circular path so you can easily walk around it taking pictures. So if anyone is near Cape May, give it a try on a sunny day!

I've also included a zip file containing the 2 raw scans if anyone would like to try to manually combine the two models.

More info on the memorial: hmdb.org/marker.asp?marker=22001


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