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Troke jeu et planche

TITRE : Troke jeu et planche

Licence :3.99 USD $

This re-imagining of the 1956 game, Troke, changes the simple cylinders of the original into detailed models and adds a 3D printed board with spaces for the pieces. A classic, out-of-print game is back! 3D printing is once again thumbing it's nose at scarcity.

From BGG http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/1993/troke

"The sub-title for Troke is 'Castle Checkers'.
"Abstract strategy game where players move three different kinds of pieces (tower, wall, and moat) across a board diagonally forward, straight ahead or sideways, but never backwards. .... [I]t is a race to see who can get all their pieces to [the opposite] goal line. A feature of the game is that if you merge with one or two different pieces you take one or two extra moves. You are allowed to merge (capture) with opponent’s pieces and thus move them away from their goal and towards your own. Making moves becomes complicated as the game progresses because capturing pieces requires that additional moves be made. If these extra moves can not be made, then the original capture move can not be made."

Best printed on a home 3D printer. Print the pieces and board home parts 4 times in different colors and the board center in a neutral color. For extra dramatic effect the filament can be changed at 0.75mm so the paths are more dramatic.

3.99 USD $

Troke game and board


Troke Game Pieces and Board 3D Print and Play


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