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Etats-Unis Contour

TITRE : Etats-Unis Contour

Licence :45.00 - 90.00 USD $

Laser Cut map of the US, all states are cut out, and the border around the entire map is as well.

Best recommended on the Corrugated WHITE Cardboard for $$, or on a wood material, if the cost is acceptable.

Finished dimensions: 16" high by about 23" wide.

For this project - I cut out fabric to back each state, and starched them, and glued them behind. Then I mounted the entire project onto wooden planks in a 2' x 3' size - to serves as the "frame".

Honestly, very easy to assemble. Most time consuming aspect was the fabric cutting/gluing - which could be done any number of ways, if you don't want the patchwork look.

*You will also receive each state as a cut out, when you purchase this item! Essentially, two art projects for the price of one!*

45.00 - 90.00 USD $

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