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Bad à Sport Pez

TITRE : Bad à Sport Pez

PRIX : Gratuit

Mashup of tbusers Dispenser Insert and the Bad at Sports Mascot. This is candy with a raw attitude. BeWare.

* | *

info about BAS: Founded in 2005 by Duncan MacKenzie, Richard Holland, and Amanda Browder, Bad at Sports (B@S) now features over 20 principle collaborators and is a weekly podcast, a series of objects, events, and a daily blog produced in Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit and New York City that features artists and “art worlders” talking about art and the community that makes, reviews and participates in it.

B@S can be tricky to describe: it acts as a curious investigator, an archivist, oral historian, and occasionally as a provocateur. We produce content that lies somewhere on the venn diagram of art, journalism, media, intellectualism, and “the naughty bits.” We represent artists and their art world through an archive that is text, audio, physical, ephemeral, historical, and constantly evolving through ongoing and unique projects.
Bad at Sports has “done stuff” with apexart in New York City, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Baer Ridgeway, NADA Art Fair, Open Engagement and many others. We share collaborators with Art Forum, Art Practical, The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magazine, Art21, BUST magazine, Proximity Magazine, Modern Painters, Beautiful Decay Magazine, Art in America and numerous other publications.

Our podcast has included approximately 400 interviewees/co-conspirators including Kerry James Marshall, Jeff Wall, Larry Rinder, Peter Saul, Liam Gillick, Mary Jane Jacob, Chris Ware, Tania Bruguera, Jeffrey Deitch, James Elkins, Meg Cranston, Carol Becker, and Polly Apfelbaum.
Bad At Sports has been a lot of different people but is currently Brian Andrews, Mark Staff-Brandl, Amanda Browder, Stephanie Burke, Terri Griffith, Richard Holland, Christopher Hudgens, Claudine Ise, Duncan MacKenzie, Patricia Maloney, Sarah Margolis-Pineo, Nicholas O’Brien, Caroline Picard, Abraham Ritchie, Tom Sanford and Abigail Satinsky.
If you are interested in contributing content to the program, please

contact us at [email protected]


The Plate to fix Baseball sport toy


Bogen/Manfrotto to Sport-Cam Adapter


Sport badge


Koni Sport Shocks Adjustment Knob


Sport jet plane


Safety float for Kodak Sport (bobber)


Sport Yacht


Suzuki Swift Sport Keyring


Hub Between Tamiya Sport Wheel and MG995 servo shaft


headphones case, phillips sport ear hook