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Danoises de Noël modèles de coeur

TITRE : Danoises de Noël modèles de coeur

PRIX : Gratuit

These are 3D printable templates for cutting (or drawing) the paper used to make Danish Hearts.
There are 3, 4 & 5 strip templates and one wiggly one.
Children love weaving them and the template allows you too cut lots of paper at once. (For more design's see Lene and Anna Schepper's wonderful blog papermatrix.wordpress.com/hearts/ )

Danish history says that Hans Christian Anderson (of Ugly Duckling fame) created the first ones... and the traditional Danish colours are red & white (for the national flag); sheet music paper looks attractive with red paper.

The templates make it easy to cut, with a sharp knife, lots of sheets of paper at once; or to mark out with a pencil for cutting with scissors.

You can also do your own designs - Rosie (who's 9) did the centre one in "DanishHearts2.jpg".

I've included an OpenSCAD file to generate straight line Danish Hearts of any size and number of strips. Hopefully, new templates will follow...


Christmas Danish Heart templates


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