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Porte-filtre: soudure verre neutre Filtre de densité (ND) pour la photographie (pour Nikon 18-105/18-135)

TITRE : Porte-filtre: soudure verre neutre Filtre de densité (ND) pour la photographie (pour Nikon 18-105/18-135)

PRIX : Gratuit

This is a filter holder for some Nikon lenses. It let's you attach a welding glass to your lens to act as a neutral density filter, in order to get longer shutter speeds. (see this Flickr group for examples: flickr.com/groups/weldingmaskglassfilter/)

Welding glass is used in all kinds of metal welding techniques, to protect your eyes from the light. The glass is very cheap and can make an inexpensive neutral density filter for photography (means you can use very long shutter speeds during daylight to e.g. make water very silky or do amazing stuff with the clouds).
For this we need a rectangular shape of glass as used for electrical welding. The glass has to be 110mm wide to fit the holder. I guess there are different sizes but hopefully they are a bit standardized. I bought my glass at a local store for 3€. You can also buy ND filters in photography stores, but they can get very expensive, 100€ and more. You will get much better quality for your money, but the aim here was to get it done cheap.

Note: One of the pictures is an example photo, taken with the filter.


Filter holder: welding glass as neutral density Filter (ND) for photography (for Nikon 18-105/18-135)


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Carbon Air Filter


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