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Cas fruits sauvages Pi - imprimable, totalement

TITRE : Cas fruits sauvages Pi - imprimable, totalement

PRIX : Gratuit

My gift to you this Christmas season. With so many cases out there, it only makes sense to add another if it brings a lot more to offer.

Here is the short list:
1. Built-in clearances for putting the Pi in the oven. No sanding, or cutting. Just plop it in there.
2. No weak, spindly protrusions that will break off next time the wind blows.
3. Minimal use of plastic, but really strong.
4. GPIO clearance, so it fits really nice. In fact, all** clearance issues that I have found in other designs has been addressed here.
5.Mounting holes, for permanent installations.
6. Options for vents, and no vents.
7. Stackable, and upwardly expandable.
8. Less likely to warp during printing.


Wildberry Pi Case - Printable, Totally

50.00 - 60.00 USD $

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Fruits of the spirit


closure seals in freshness for fruits and vegetables

10.00 USD $

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Fruit fly 2


Fruit Holder

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