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Kiev 10/15 Objectif Pour Canon FL / FD / Adaptateur corps FDN

TITRE : Kiev 10/15 Objectif Pour Canon FL / FD / Adaptateur corps FDN

PRIX : Gratuit

The Kiev 10 was the first Soviet-built 35mm SLR with automatic exposure. It did this using an internal linkage for the body to control the lens aperture -- there is no aperture control ring on the lens. The same lens mount was used by the Kiev 15 TEE, but nothing else, and the internal aperture linkage makes adapting to another mount problematic.

In instructables.com/id/Using-Kiev-10Kiev-15-Lenses-On-Digital-Cameras/ , I showed a way to hack an adapter to provide a mount with an aperture control ring for Kiev 10/15 lenses, but it was awkward. Instead, the adapter shown here allows Kiev 10/15 lenses to mount and focus to infinity on standard Canon FL/FD/FDn body mounts while still providing aperture control using a less-than-20-degree twist of the lens in its mount.

Why bother? Well, Kiev 10/15 lenses are optically excellent while being smaller than their brothers in other mounts -- and often are available much more cheaply. With this adapter, you can even use Kiev 10/15 lenses on an FD Lens Turbo with your Sony NEX. Of course, this is a true adapter not a mount conversion, so you don't harm your potentially collectible Kiev 10/15 lenses by using it.

Be warned that this adapter does not lock, although the ones I've printed are all very firm fits. Use it at your own risk.


Kiev 10/15 Lens To Canon FL/FD/FDn Body Adapter


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