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Linhof adaptateur Munchen / Canon EOS Digital

TITRE : Linhof adaptateur Munchen / Canon EOS Digital

PRIX : Gratuit

With this Thing, give your vintage Linhof Munchen camera a new life by using it as a macro lens for your Canon EOS digital camera.

I have no idea if the mount for the glass plate of the Linhof camera is standard on other cameras so I don't know if this model will fit on anything else.

Tip: To take pictures with it, put the Linhof on a tripod (NOT THE CANON) because it is super heavy and you'll have a hard time focusing on things and holding the weight.

NOTE: It's pretty safe to leave the other camera hanging off the back but make sure you keep an eye on it (or better have the strap around your neck) as the plastic mount doesn't lock like a genuine lens does which means it could fall off if you're not careful.

ALSO note: make sure to use an opaque print material as you want to reduce light leak. I learnt that the hard way. You can see in the pictures where I had to paint the inside of the adapter to stop the light.

Hope you guys enjoy this!

My site:


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