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Personnalisable Extrusion Carte du Nord-Unis États-Unis

TITRE : Personnalisable Extrusion Carte du Nord-Unis États-Unis

PRIX : Gratuit

*Important Tip: Customizer is exceedingly sensitive to number formatting. It will fail to work correctly if you enter values ending with a decimal point or a trailing zero after the decimal. For example, **10** or **10.5** is OK, but **10.**, **10.0**, or **10.50** will cause Customizer to fail.*

Open in Customizer and enter new values for each state to create your own extruded thematic map (also called a "[prism](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prism_%28geometry%29) map").

Naturally, I plan to post templates for a variety of other regions. I am writing a script called [Prismap](https://github.com/anoved/prismap) to convert [shapefiles](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shapefile) of arbitrary areas to these customizable OpenSCAD templates. So, you will be able to use Prismap to make printable prism maps of areas of your choice - states, counties, countries, election districts, etc. Or, just let me know your area of interest and I may be able to prepare a template for you.

State boundaries derived from [Natural Earth Data](http://www.naturalearthdata.com/downloads/110m-cultural-vectors/). For better resullts, simplify geometry, prune small features, and reproject shapefiles as desired before processing with Prismap.

Thanks to dddjournal for the test print photo!


Customizable Extrusion Map of Northeast US States

45.00 - 90.00 USD $

United States Outline


Contiguous United States Prism Map


3D Ancestry graph of USA


Map of USA


Pocket Unemployment Map of the United States


Flag of the United States


My Customized Contiguous United States Prism Map


United States Electoral Vote Map by TheNewHob


Bic pen enabled United States Flag