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Paramétrique adaptateur de filtre de l'appareil photo

TITRE : Paramétrique adaptateur de filtre de l'appareil photo

PRIX : Gratuit

I designed this as a way of adding a Neutral Density (ND) filter to the front of the P6*6 Pinhole camera.

Decreasing the amount of light exposing your film is a handy way of slowing down an exposure in very bright light. A "fast" pinhole exposure might be 1 or 2 seconds long. At these shutter speeds, the slight camera shake induced by opening and closing the shutter can blur the photograph.

ND filters are made in whole "stops". Further, each stop halves the amount of light reaching the film. An ND2 is one stop, an ND4 is two stops, and an ND8 is three stops. An ND 8 filter allows you to make an exposure metered at 1 sec with a shutter duration of 8 seconds.

Additionally, color filters may be employed for special effects.

The included STL fits a nominally 52mm filter with an actual outside diameter of 54.50mm. Yours are probably different, but you can simply change the parameters in the script. I plan to port this to Customizer in the future.

This parametric design can be adapted to other cameras, like a Holga, and any filter size.


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