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CoffeeCam: un obturateur pour Grand format sténopé Can Appareils

TITRE : CoffeeCam: un obturateur pour Grand format sténopé Can Appareils

PRIX : Gratuit

Making a pinhole camera from a can or an oatmeal box is a traditional exercise in beginning photography (see links below). Usually, the cameras produced are perfectly workable, but festooned with abundant gaffer's tape, and use a cumbersome flap of tape as a rudimentary shutter.

This is a shutter and pinhole clamp designed to be fastened onto a small coffee can (espresso-sized) or similar. Used with sheet film or photographic paper, this kind of pinhole camera needs to be loaded with fresh film or paper (in the dark!) for every exposure

Additionally, the shutter assembly can be 3D printed to mount on a flat surface, like a cigar box, OR on the lid of the can for a classic anamorphic pinhole camera. Better yet, put two shutters on your container for some versatility!

Include is a script to generate tripod mounts for both flat and curved sides. As with the shutter assy, change the diameter parameter to fit your can. The TeaCam only needs one radiused mount, and is intended for anamorphic photography exclusively.
The OpenSCAD script 'coffeecam.scad' is easy to modify for your chosen cylindrical container or flat-sided boxes.

The OpenSCAD script 'coffeecam_tripod.scad' renders a pair of tripod mounts, one flat and one radiused for your can's diameter.

[Jana_Obscura] is a local photographer who has been testing my camera designs. Here's her latest shoot with the [CoffeeCam](http://www.jana-obscura.com/blog/2014/3/4/the-schlems-coffeecam)

[Here's more from [EspressoBuzz]](http://52rolls.net/2014/03/03/shooting-pinhole-4x5-using-a-coffee-can/), another local pinhole photographer.

Both [Jana_Obscura] and [EspressoBuzz] have acted as proofing editors on the P6*6 user manual as well.

======== Addenda ========

Added TeaCam STLs and .scad files for smaller diameter tea tins (~66mm), allowing for clearance of shutter blade and bottom rim, and greater contact area for bonding tripod mount. Republic Of Tea tins have a nice, air-tight snap fit lid and ample room for 4X5 film/paper.

========= LYNX =========
[Making Oatmeal Box Pinhole Cameras ](http://users.rcn.com/stewoody/makecam.htm)
[Kodak: Making a pinhole camera ](http://www.kodak.com/global/en/consumer/education/lessonPlans/pinholeCamera/pinholeCanBox.shtml)
[PinholeDesigner (windows) ](http://www.pinhole.cz/en/pinholedesigner/)
[Drill Your Own Precision Pinhole Apertures](http://www.withoutlenses.com/articles/how-to/drill-your-own-precision-pinhole-apertures)


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