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Support pour iPhone Mon Camionnette

TITRE : Support pour iPhone Mon Camionnette

PRIX : Gratuit

I love 3D printing. I needed a phone mounting bracket for my 1996 Ford Ranger pickup, so I designed exactly what I wanted. I suspect there are not too many '96 Ranger owners out there, but I still thought I would share my low-brow approach in case it is useful to anyone.

It works like this: the mounting bracket slides into a cubby hole on the dashboard. Luckily the cubby hole has some small 1/16th ledges a little over an inch back. The bracket has small steps that catch on the ledges. The extra length of audio cord is held in a slot behind the bracket.

The gap between the bracket legs is created by snapping out the center section, where the leg thickness tapers down to one filament thick and then expands back out (see line drawing below left).


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