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La Seconde Guerre mondiale avion furtif, Horten 229, kit de modèle d'avion

TITRE : La Seconde Guerre mondiale avion furtif, Horten 229, kit de modèle d'avion

PRIX : Gratuit

Are you into plastic model kits? Do you like exotic planes? well, me too...
Here is my last project. It is an astounding piece of aircraft design, directly from the last days of the WW2 here you have the frame version (accurately replicated from the original blue prints) of HO-229. This plane never entered into service but two prototipes were built of its third version.One crashed during a test flight the second one was found in its hangar by the allied at the end of war. Nowdays it lies at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. It seems that Northrop Grumman guys paid a visit at the museum before designing the famous stealth bomber B-2.
It is believed that, if deployed in quantity, the Ho 229 could have changed the course of war.

Here you find all the parts (96) to build your Ho-229. you have to apply a scale factor of 35% in order to get a 1:30 model (570mm wingspan).

added a zip file with all the parts.
what else... enjoy!

printing is ongoing, more pics will come


WWII stealth plane, Horten 229, aircraft model kit


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10.00 USD $

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