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MAT! Jeux de société

TITRE : MAT! Jeux de société

PRIX : Gratuit

Thud Boardgame

Since I got a 3d printer I wanted to make a THUD! boardgame.
I totally underestimated the effort it would take, but once things got rolling, there was no turning back.
I had played THUD! with a bought board already, and was disappointed with its tiny (/ugly) figures and the very small board that left almost no space between the figures to grab and move.
So I went BIG!

0. Data
1 Mountainstone
8 Trolls
32 Dwarfs
165 Base-Tiles
165 Tile-Lids

+200 hours of printing
+15 hours of painting on the figures
+3kg of material
600 x 600 x 10 mm in size

A. The figures
So I started with the figures. The dwarfen clan from pocket tactics fulfilled all the dwarfish needs I had, and provides different dwarfes so my army wouldnt look as uniform. They needed to be scaled up, and since I didnt wanted to glue their halfes together I merged the halfes into standing pieces that printed without support properly.

Once I hade the dwarfes, I had the scale for the rest of the game. With a 30mm base they needed board tiles with at least 45 mm width/length.
The trolls ares loosely based on the rockfrog things I tinkered around with them in blender to make them more ... trolly.
My wife painted the figures with meticolous details in full color, but I opted for a antique gold/silver/copper look halfway through, so sorry for the late decision honey.

B. The board
Here started the trouble. I took the 'Interlocking Board Game Tiles' Library, and scaled it up to 150% to fit my needs for 45mm tiles.
The board became huge. And I had to print a ton of tiles for it. To achive a certain 'antique/used' look, I started to print the tiles on ABS slurry, black slurry for the white tiles and vice versa.
The result is pretty nice. Because I use a dual-head printer (Leapfrog Creatr Dual Extruder), I wanted to make some special tile-lids for the initial positions of the figures.
And for an 'antiqish' discworld boardgame I searched for celtic motives and found the trisquele and the triquetra. They are not neccessary for the game itself, but look great.

C. The game
You can find the rules and additional information on THUD! here:

Video of the assembly: youtu.be/KKFpHoAtkRU

I forgot to include the thudstone in the files. Big sorry for this. Added it. May, 6th 2014


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THUD! Boardgame

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