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Porte-éponge pour sécher vos éponges de cuisine malodorante

TITRE : Porte-éponge pour sécher vos éponges de cuisine malodorante

PRIX : Gratuit

A simple concept with some useful design features, there are water escape paths and room for air to move. It can hold 3 sponges.

There are 2 sizes to choose, The small one is for the smallest of sponge. The larger one will fit most average sponges. It's simply a 170% enlargement of the smaller one. Small is about 70mm wide, large is about 120mm. Just make the bigger one bigger if you're unsure.

The idea is to keep your sponges dry so they don't grow harmful bacteria which you then wipe all over your dirty bench growing more bacteria. So wring them out well after each use and the bacteria will find it hard to grow. Sure there is good bacteria, but not much on you kitchen bench especially if you're a meat eater! Every few days your sponges should be soaked in boiling water (smell them before & after to experience the instant death of bacteria, ahhh). To clean the sponge holder you would need to use a chemical like bleach or baking soda etc although there shouldn't be much surface area that is in contact with the sponge.

Happy sponging lol

This was made in Design Spark Mechanical, and it was the first thing I've made using that software, my 3d skills are minimal but I got my idea out there ;) Is pretty straightforward to use and I'd have to recommend it if you're a newbie to 3D design, changing the dimensions of things afterwards can be a challenge though, but it has great tools to put rounded corners on things which print much neater then square corners, took about an hour of messing around to make this thing.


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