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Alien Bust 35e anniversaire

TITRE : Alien Bust 35e anniversaire

PRIX : Gratuit

May/June 2014 marks the 35th Anniversary of one of the most brilliant Sci-Fi classics, Alien (and one of the few movies that truly scared the crap out of me as a kid.)

Print with supports for the head, the mouth can be tricky to clean out I can post a cut up version of the head if people wish. The back tubing was cut from the body in case anyone doesn't want to use it, it takes very little extra to print them but since they are not joined, its up to you if you use them or not.

***note*** Slicing the alien bust takes a few minutes (or it did on an 8-core cpu..) so I would go make a coffee while that's happening.

I am printing this currently, it's a 3-4 hour print depending on your machine and settings, I'm going for 0% infill and 2 shells on the alien and 3%infill and 1 shell for the base.

I can supply a low res version of this mesh if necessary, but you will lose alot of detail, this is why I chose to keep it a high count. The jaw has been seperated and printable standing upright, you may or may not want to use it.. (it does look pretty evil with the second jaw tho.. )

***Thanks to Frank Munz, *** an awesome modeller. He created a low poly mesh I used for the bust and used that to sculpt upon like I do with so many other busts. It's sort of like getting a real life foam base head, throwing a bunch of clay over it and then resculpting it. I did the base in Blender also...

There is another base I didn't quite finish which is more Giger style, with embedded mechtronics, but its still got some ways to go. My advice, print the alien and the jaws, the new base should be ready in a day or so.


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