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Bateaux, Pions et modèles de Chapeau

TITRE : Bateaux, Pions et modèles de Chapeau

PRIX : Gratuit

This is a stylized small rowboat/lifeboat/sailboat I've built for a boardgame. It is a work in progress, but I thought some of you might enjoy it in its current state.

The boat.scad can be configured to render a boat in various widths and depths for a different number of pawns. The default STL is 75mm long. STLs for 'common' configurations are included including a canoe-like boat. The boat itself includes holes for a sail and a flag included in the file sailsandflags.scad.

Two different pawns that fit into the rowboat are included. One has a little peg that can hold different "hats".

Please feel free to create additional "compatible" pieces, pawns, and hats and I'll link to them or include them as appropriate.

You can customize the sail by "differencing()" a logo as I've done with the OSHW logo.

NOTE: this has been reuploaded recently to accommodate slightly bigger holes for the sails and flags. You can use the earlier boats with the includes sails and flags, but you might need to enlarge the holes a bit.


Boat, Pawns and Hat Models


usa ww2 boats


Ignition Panel for Boat

85.00 USD $

Jazzmonster - Acrylic


Hat Mapper- 360 degree video hat


Guy with hat


Cup / Mug Holder for boats or cars.


Scatter Die & Game Templates


Witch Hat (or Wizard Hat)


I'll eat my hat!